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About Primorigen Biosciences


Current handling and production of pluripotent cells and stem-cell derived lineages suffer from labor intensive manual culturing steps, frequent feeding of cultures, undefined matrices, inadequate purification and other problems. These problems greatly increase time, costs, variability of results, scale-up difficulties and other barriers to industrial viability.

Primorigen is solving these problems by providing innovative solutions for stem cell maintenance, proliferation, differentiation and large scale production. Existing products include Vitronectin XF™™, a recombinant human protein that offers a defined, xenobiotic-free substrate for pluripotent cell proliferation and differentiation, MesoTotal™ a high efficiency, high yield hematopoietic stem cell differentiation medium, high quality monoclonal antibodies validated for stem cell characterization--including flow cytometry, human cytokines and growth factors, and others. Products in development include next-generation matrices and related technologies for stem cell expansion, differentiation and media reduction, cost-effective systems for consistent, simple industrial scale stem cell production, HTS plates populated with stem cell derived phenotypes for screening environmental toxins and other compounds, and other new products.

In addition, Primorigen’s proprietary Spot on Dots™ frameless microarray platform provides a versatile, high-throughput substrate for building quantitative assays to detect proteins of interest. The platform offers greater speed and flexibility for antibody screening and assay development, and generates thousands of data points per experiment at a fraction of the costs of other systems, including ELISA. Primorigen’s low cost detection instrument and user-friendly PrimeAlyzer™ software analyzes and reports back key data in minutes.

Primorigen also offers assay development and stem cell characterization services to support your research needs. Call us toll free today at 866-372-7442, or at 608-441-8332. We look forward to working with you.