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FOXA2 Monoclonal Antibody PR-3G1

FOXA2 Monoclonal Antibody PR-3G1
Prod. No.


FOXA2 is a member of the forkhead box family of DNA-binding proteins. FOXA2 is a hepatocyte nuclear factor (specifically, HNF-3b) that is a transcriptional activator for liver-specific genes such as albumin. During embryonic development, FOXA2 expression is a marker for cells of the definitive (but not primitive) endoderm lineage.

Clone: PR-3G1
Reacts with: Human*
Tested Applications: WB, ELISA
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG1, κ
Size: 100 µg
Immunogen: Recombinant full-length human FOXA2 expressed in E. coli and refolded to soluble form.
Purification: Protein G chromatography
Formulation: 1 mg/ml in PBS; Preservative: 0.09% NaN3
Storage: Store at 4ºC (<3 months) or -20ºC. Avoid multiple freeze-thaws.
*Other species not tested
Recommended Uses:
Western Blot 1:1000
ELISA (detect) 1:1000
Note:Optimal concentrations should be empirically determined.

Target Alternative Names: forkhead box A2; hepatic nuclear factor-3-beta; HNF3b; MGC19807; TCF3B
Target Size: 457 residues; 48.3 kDa

Target Database Links:
RefSeq Protein NP_068556
RefSeq Gene NM_021784
UniProt Q9Y261



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