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HumanKine™ Cystatin C

HumanKine™ Cystatin C
Prod. No.

Recombinant human Cystatin C expressed in engineered human cells. Cystatin C is a 12 to 13 kDa monomer and belongs to the Cystatin superfamily. Native Cystatin C in human urine is found in two different forms: one with pI 9.2 and the other with pI 7.8 by elimination of small basic peptides or amino acids from the N-terminal end of protein. Cystatin C is used as a biomarker of kidney function. Recently, it has been studied for its role in predicting new-onset or deteriorating cardiovascular disease. It also seems to play a role in brain disorders involving amyloid, such as Alzheimer's disease. Cystatin C was reported to antagonize transforming growth factor beta signaling in normal and cancer cells.

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