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HumanKine™ IL-10

HumanKine™ IL-10
Prod. No.

Recombinant human IL-10 expressed in engineered human cells. IL-10 is a 17 kDa glycosylated non-disulfide linked homodimer and belongs to the IL -10 protein family. IL-10 inhibits the synthesis of a number of cytokines including IFN-gamma, IL-2, IL-3, TNF and GM-CSF. IL-10 is a potent and specific chemoattractant for human T-lymphocytes towards CD8+ but not CD4+ cells. IL-10 has been shown also to be an antagonist of IL-12 and to inhibit the secretion of TNF-alpha. IL-10 stimulates the proliferation of mast cells after parasitic infection and functions as a cytotoxic T-cell differentiation factor as well as promotes B-cell viability and differentiation.

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