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Pax6 Monoclonal Antibody PR-2D11

Pax6 Monoclonal Antibody PR-2D11
Prod. No.


Pax6 is the best described member of the paired box (Pax) family of genes encoding tissue-specific transcription factors. The Pax6 protein contains paired box and homeobox domains with DNA-binding activities, and a Pro/Ser/Thr-rich C-terminal domain with transactivation function. Pax6 is a transcription regulator important in the development of the eyes and other sensory organs, the nervous system, and other homologous tissues derived from the ectoderm. Pancreatic development also depends on Pax6, and Pax6 is used as a marker for pancreatic endoderm when inducing differentiation of stem cells.

Clone: PR-2D11
Reacts with: Human*
Tested Applications: WB, ELISA
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG1, κ
Size: 100 µg
Immunogen: Recombinant human Pax6 (aa1-209) expressed in E. coli.
Purification: Protein G chromatography
Formulation: 1 mg/ml in PBS; Preservative: 0.09% NaN3
Storage: Store at 4ºC (<3 months) or -20ºC. Avoid multiple freeze-thaws.
Recommended Uses:
Western Blot 1:1000
ELISA (detect) 1:1000
Note: Optimal concentrations should be empirically determined.
*Other species not tested

Target Alternative Names: paired box gene 6; paired box homeotic gene-6; paired box 6; AN2
Target Size: 423 AA; 46.7 kDa
Target Database Links:
RefSeq Protein NP_000271.1
RefSeq Gene NM_000280.2
UniProt P26367



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