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Spots On Dots™ Antibody Screening Kit

Spots On Dots™ Antibody Screening Kit
Spots On Dots™ Antibody Screening Kit
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Primorigen Biosciences' patent-pending Spots On Dots™ platform is a high-throughput, low cost 96 and 384-well colorimetric microarray platform. Nitrocellulose Dots are arranged on a hydrophobic plastic support, eliminating the need for well-formers to maintain sample isolation. Spots On Dots™ offers quantitative multiplexing capability across a range of applications including hybridoma screening (mAb development), antigen or lysate arrays, and sandwich immunoassays. Key features of the platform include…

  • 10-20 fold reduction in sample and reagent volumes
  • Cost per data point of less than $0.02
  • Each kit offers roughly 27000 data points
  • >14 fold lower cost per data point vs ELISA
  • SBS footprint - Automation compatible


The Spots On Dots™ Antibody Screening Kit is a multiplexed direct ELISA platform that allows the researcher to screen monoclonal antibody hybridoma supernatants against multiple different antigens (target proteins, conjugated peptides, or cell lysates) in parallel. The Spots On Dots™ sheets have been configured with 96 or 384 nitrocellulose Dots conforming to SBS-standard microplate well positions, allowing simple integration into automated screening processes. The nitrocellulose Dots are hydrophobically isolated, eliminating the requirement for a frame or well superstructure to maintain sample isolation.

Immunogen and other antigens of interest can be printed on each of the 96 or 384 nitrocellulose Dots. During incubation with hybridoma supernatant samples, antibodies bind the targets of interest. The supernatants are removed, and the sheet is probed by incubation with a mouse IgG-specific antibody conjugated to alkaline phosphatase. Bound antibodies are visualized by the addition of a precipitating alkaline phosphatase substrate to generate a colorimetric signal.

Images of the developed sheet can be captured with a standard flatbed scanner, eliminating the need for costly, dedicated readers. Quantification of signals can be rapidly obtained using dedicated software from Primorigen, free microarray analysis software, or other array analysis software.

Kit Contents:
Qty Component Storage
8ea. Spots On Dots™ Sheets (96- or 384-Dot format) RT desiccated
8ea. Incubation Trays RT
8ea Humidification Pads RT
1.2ml Printing Buffer (10X) 4 °C
100ml Blocking Buffer A 4 °C
200ml Wash Buffer A (10X) 4 °C
300µl Mouse IgG Control 4 °C
25µl anti-Mouse IgG Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate* -20 °C
80ml BCIP/NBT Substrate 4 °C