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StemAdhere™ Defined Matrix for hPSC

Stem Cell Colony on StemAdhere
StemAdhere™ Defined Matrix for hPSC
Prod. No.

Select either stand-alone substrate or the full kit.

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StemAdhere™ makes maintaining your stem cells simple. With StemAdhere, you aren’t mixing any mystery into your sensitive and valuable pluripotent cell cultures: StemAdhere is a completely human protein, produced in human cells, under completely defined conditions. StemAdhere is the safe and reliable alternative to mouse feeder cells and undefined matrices such as BD Matrigel™. StemAdhere makes long-term maintenance of iPS and ES cultures effortless.

  • Entirely human sequence
  • Manufactured in human cells under defined conditions
  • Saves money and time
  • Ensures reproducibility

Technical Specifications
  • Every lot functionally validated
  • Compatible with serum-free media

Kit Contents

  • 500 µg StemAdhere™ Defined Matrix for hPSC
  • 100 ml Dilution Buffer
  • 1 ml Ca++/Mg++ Concentrate (500X)
  • 100 ml Cell Release Buffer
  • 8 ea 6-well Polystyrene Suspension Plates
Media Comparison

Figure 1. Representative images collected during ongoing comparative growth rate experiemnts between iPS cells grown on StemAdhere™ (top row) and BD Matrigel™ (bottom row) across three different media (NutriStem™-left column, mTeSR®1-middle column, and TeSR™2-right column). Thus far, these data suggest comparable growthrates of iPS cells between StemAdhere™ and BD Matrigel™ across all three media.





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