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Primorigen Announces Beta Test Availability of Vitronectin MC™ Microcarriers for Suspension Cell Culture Production

Submitted by admin on Mon, 2018-05-21 17:52

Vitronectin MC™ is a sterile, pre-hydrated, ready-to-use suspension of microcarriers (approx 190µm spheres) coated with Primorigen’s proprietary Vitronectin XF™. This new product has demonstrated very positive results in independent beta test sites for reducing time and cost of production and ensuring batch consistency, resulting in expanded studies. Vitronectin MC™ microcarriers present a surface that efficiently binds and supports the three-dimensional growth and expansion of several cell types widely used in research and industrial applications. The product has been validated as providing superior performance over competitors for expansion of iPSCs and MSCs, and comparable or superior performance for CHO, Vero, HEK293T, Keratinocytes, and COS7 cells. iPS cells generated in a single large vessel on Vitronectin MC™ yields the two-dimensional equivalent of 150 – 250 six well tissue culture plates. The microcarriers conform to the requirements of xeno-free systems, are transparent for superior visualization and imaging, and are viable for a variety of culture vessels and stirring methods. Primorigen invites all interested parties to test Vitronectin MC™. Contact Us.